Thank you for your order

Thank you for placing your order with Burgeson Family Farm. If you wish to order more boxes of Satsuma Mandarins go to this link.

If you sent Satsumas as a gift please notify the recipient to expect a perishable box from you. WE DO NOT SEND GIFT ENCLOSURES SO IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT THEM THEY WILL NOT KNOW A PERISHABLE BOX IS COMING AND WILL NOT KNOW WHO IT IS FROM WHEN IT ARRIVES. We can not be responsible for loss of boxes due to theft or exposure to extreme cold, heat or prolonged storage. Remember, mandarins left in freezing weather will be destroyed within a few hours!

If harvest weather conditions are cooperative your order should be received within 1 to 7 business days. Your paypal order information can be used to track the box through the USPS. Be ready to receive the box when it arrives if you live in a cold climate.

Thanks again for your support of our farm and please be sure to visit our website at to receive farm updates.


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