What is in season now (January 2020) ?

We are available for produce sales most days by prior arrangement. Just contact us, we are usually here and happy to have visitors to the farm.

This is what is available for sale at our farm.

We still have 17 pound boxes of blemished satsumas for 12 dollars. These have damage to the skin and should be used within a few days. They are great for a crowd, a family of mandarin lovers who binge eat mandarins, or for juice, for freezing to use in smoothies, or to dehydrate.

Oro Blanco (extra sweet grapefruit hybrid) are $1.50 per pound

Washington Navel and Cara Cara Oranges are $1.50 per pound

Meyer Lemons: $1.50 per pound

Blood oranges are $1.50 per pound

Eureka Lemon: $1.50 per pound.

Click here to send us a message or for contact information to arrange your visit. For directions to the farm click here. Thanks for checking our our site and we hope to see you soon on the farm.