What is in season now?

We are available for produce sales most days by prior arrangement. We are also open from noon to 5 most Saturdays but please check to be sure.. Just contact us, we are usually here and happy to have visitors to the farm.

This is what is available for sale at our farm  (as of November 18, 2019)

Parfianka Pomegranates

Wonderful Pomegranates

Key Limes

Persian (Bartender’s) Limes

Fuyu Persimmons

Chocolate persimmons (Hachiya type. the one on the left with the point on the bottom) These must be eaten when dead soft ripe but when they are they are sweet and dark like candy.

Meyer Lemons


Butternut squash and Heirloom pumpkins

Winesap and Granny Smith apples