The 2019 Satsuma Mandarin harvest has started.

After a record sized crop last year, some of our trees decided to take a rest this year and did not produce as much fruit as usual.  Although we have now started our harvest, our crop will ripen over an extended period of time so supply may be limited at times. We can not guarantee that we will have mandarins available for drop in pick up at the farm. If you would like to get mandarins from us, we want to have enough mandarins to meet your needs, so we recommend you send us a message or call us to order in advance or check on our supply.

We will continue to update our website as the harvest progresses. If we have completed all of the advance orders and have an adequate supply of mandarins to sell from the farm on a drop in basis we will post an update on our website. At that time if supply is adequate we will post links to order shipped boxes as well.


Don’t forget that we have many other delicious products available at the farm and we are often open on weekends or by appointment for sales. Again, we will have frequent blog updates on hours and products available but you are welcome to send us an email at any time.

Thanks for your support of our family farm.

The Burgesons