We now have Valencia Oranges and they are so sweet and juicy!

I woke up this morning to the first glass of fresh squeezed Valencia Orange juice from our tree. Valencia Oranges are the traditional Florida juice oranges and these are so sweet and juicy! They are a great orange to slice and eat in wedges, and can also be peeled and eaten like a navel orange but be ready to use a napkin! If you would like to get some of these delicious oranges to try them yourself just contact us to arrange a time to pick them up. They are $2.00 per pound or 5 pound bags are $8.00 if you pick them up at the farm.

We also have Meyer Lemons, Eureka Lemons and blood oranges available for purchase at the farm. These are $2.00 per pound or $8.00 per 5 pound bag,

We hope to see you soon!