End of an era for Burgeson Family Farm

34 years ago, an energetic young couple found an empty hilltop, covered with thistle, and barren of all but one lonely oak tree. From the top of the hill, they could see for miles, and a shovel easily turned over the sandy loam and decomposed granite soil. They decided that this was the place to build a home, create a life and a family, and to pursue a dream, and Burgeson Family Farm was born.

3 decades later it is time for that couple to pursue a new dream, and to pass their heritage on to another lucky family.

We would like to inform you that on Wednesday, April 21, our home will be listed for sale. 

For more information about our listing please go to the following website: https://9911quailhilldr.com/

We truly are thankful for the opportunity we were given to have spent 34 wonderful years on this very special place on our planet. Turning it into a farm and homestead filled our lives with pleasure and purpose. You will never know how important the support of our customers and friends, our Burgeson Family Farmily, has been through the years in making our dream come true.

We will miss you more than we can ever say.

With love always,

Dayna, Adrian and Evan Burgeson