The first citrus of the season: Limes


The first citrus of the season to ripen in our Sierra Foothill Location are limes. These will be followed by Satsuma Mandarins, then Meyer lemons, Oro Blanco Pomelos and finally Blood and Navel Oranges as we progress into the winter. We grow both Persian limes, also called Bartender’s Limes, which are the large juicy seedless limes you usually see in the grocery store, and Key limes, which are tart, small, tinged with yellow and have many tiny seeds. 

Most supermarket limes are grown in Mexico, harvested when they are barely ripe, shipped to the US, and often stored for weeks before purchase. They tend to be low in juice content due to these harvest conditions.

In contrast, our limes are grown right here in the Sierra Foothills of California, using no pesticides or herbicides, and they ripen to perfection in the autumn sun. As limes ripen they color up from dark green, to a lighter green, and then finally yellow. We pick them at the light green stage, sometimes with a touch of yellow, and they are very juicy and flavorful.  Once you have tried these limes, you will never take a lime for granted again.

Opening a box filled with our limes is like aromatherapy.

Mojo marinade made with our fresh limes will upgrade your grilled chicken thighs and pork loin. Try this recipe.

Check out these delicious recipes on our website for our juicy limes: creamy citrus pops, key lime pie.

Our absolute favorite cocktail made with fresh lime juice is called the New Spain.

Demand for our limes was great this year and we are now sold out for the year.