Our Satsuma Mandarin harvest has started

adrian-picking watermarked

Adrian tests fruit every few days to determine when it is time to start our harvest

This time of year, every few days we head out to the orchard to pick a few mandarins. We check the color, then test them for sugar content with a brix refractometer, and taste them to determine if there are enough ripe mandarins to begin our harvest. This year our harvest started early, we have a good supply for a long season, and the brix readings are the highest we have ever had. So there will be plenty of extra sweet fruit, and there will be a long harvest season. But it will not ripen all at the same time.

Right now we are selling our mandarins directly from our farm through prepaid online orders with curbside pick up.  Please contact us if you would like us to send you order links with more information on how to order our mandarins for farm pick up this year.

We have not started shipping boxes of mandarins yet but will post on our website when shipped boxes are available.

Thank you for your patience. We love our customers who know we will never harvest a mandarin until it is perfectly ripe!

The Burgesons

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