We are now taking orders for Satsuma Mandarins to pick up at the Farm. Supply is limited.

After a bumper crop last year, this year our Satsuma Mandarin trees decided to take a rest. Out of the 100 trees that we have, only 35 set any fruit at all. That fruit has been ripening slowly, and the recent rains and future predicted rains have made it very challenging to pick enough fruit to fill the advance orders we have already received from our loyal customers.

As a result of this backlog we just do not have an adequate supply of mandarins to be open for regular Farm Stand hours where one can just drop in and grab a bag of mandarins. However, you are welcome to contact us to place an order in advance and arrange for a time to pick it up.

If you would like to order mandarins to pick up from our farm, we offer 10 pound boxes for 16 dollars and 6 pound reusable fabric produce bags for 10 dollars. We are “off plastic” so we are no longer offering the orange 10 pound plastic mesh bags.

At this time are not offering shipped boxes.

We hope to get caught up sometime in the next week (by mid December) and at that point may post on this site with regular farm stand hours and mandarin availability. However, we can not guarantee that we will not sell out of all of our mandarins by advance order only so if it is important to you to get Burgeson Family Farm Satsuma Mandarins this year we recommend you contact us to get on the “order list”.

Please send us an email with what you would like and when ALONG WITH A PHONE NUMBER TO CONTACT YOU and we will get your order on our list and let you know when we anticipate it will be ready.

Thank you for your patience and support of our farm. As we are constantly reminded, we are not in control of the farm, mother nature is.