Drying apples

Our little farm keeps us busy and well fed. We are getting to the end of the summer harvest season now, but I can still run out there and grab a few tomatoes, or a pepper, or some squash and cucumber to make dinner.

We have a Winesap apple tree which we planted when we first moved here over 20 years ago. The apples are not the best for eating but are good to cook with. Today Adrian picked the first batch of apples.

As you can see a lot of the apples have holes in them. We are organic! That means slice around the worms. He slices them thinly in a little apple slicer which cores and peels them at the same time. It slices them very thin, which is perfect for drying.

He then soaks them in some “fruit fresh” which is a natural acid solution which keeps the apples from turning brown. Then he brushes them with maple syrup, and sprinkles them with cinnamon. Finally he places them on drying racks in our little table top dryer and plugs it in.

When the apples have gotten very dry we remove them from the trays. They should be very crispy.

To keep them crispy we store them in mason jars with desiccant packages we have saved from other foods, shoes, anything we buy that has a package of desiccant in it. You know..those little bags that say “do not eat”! Just make sure the package will not leak into your food.

These apples are delicious. What a tasty treat for kids and adults alike. Great mixed with some toasted almonds for an afternoon snack. We also add them to oatmeal when we cook it to make apple cinnamon oatmeal without buying that packaged sugary stuff.

Nutrition Note: A recent Dutch study suggested that eating white fleshed fruits and vegetables such as apples may reduce the risk of stroke.  Apples contain quercetin,  which is a flavonoid, one of the multiple compounds in fruits and vegetables that are antioxidants associated with reducing inflammation and damage to the body that may lead to chronic disease. Apples are also very high in the soluble fiber pectin, which has been shown to reduce absorption of cholesterol and to stabilize blood sugar.


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