How to Order Shipped Boxes of Satsuma Mandarins


Sorry, we are sold out for the season. Check back in late November 2019.

IMPORTANT!!  Before ordering please read this information and explanations about our  box ordering procedures:

As you may know, we are very particular about the quality of the fruit that we harvest and sell. We test and taste fruit from each tree before harvesting it, and only pick and sell mandarins that are as fresh and as close to perfect as possible.  We also can not pick fruit when it is wet from rain. These factors make it very difficult to determine when we will have Satsumas ready to ship, and how many we will have. We wish our mandarins were factory produced widgets, ready when we want, with as much as we want, but that is just not the nature of a hand produced artisan agricultural product.

adrian-picking watermarked

Adrian harvesting our fruit. Every piece is hand chosen and clipped by us at the peak of quality and shipped soon after harvest. We hope you notice the difference that our tender loving care provides!


We would like you to be able to still enjoy our fruit, and to share it with friends or family, while addressing the challenges of working with Mother Nature.

We have set up online links at the bottom of this page to order boxes of Satsumas, with inventory control features on the links.  Every harvest day, starting December 1 and progressing on to February, or whenever the harvest ends, when we have Satsumas available, we will update the inventory. Once the boxes available have been sold you will be unable to order boxes until the next inventory update.

Boxes ordered will be shipped soon after ordering.  Typically (weather depending) they should arrive at the destination address 2-7 business days after ordering. We are no longer taking advance orders for shipped boxes of Satsumas.

Each link will be for ordering one box to one address. You will need to complete multiple orders if you wish to ship more boxes. We apologize for any inconvenience but this is necessary to expedite label processing and inventory control on our end.

For those wanting to ship our Satsuma mandarins as a gift please note:  If you want to ship to someone other than yourself you will need to enter your address first as the billing address, then unclick the box that says ship to billing address, then enter the address of the person you are sending them to as the shipping address. Please enter YOUR email address, not the recipients, as the contact email so you receive tracking information on the box you have sent. You can then forward that information to the recipient. Enter your email address as the contact email, DO NOT ENTER THE RECIPIENTS EMAIL AS THE CONTACT EMAIL WHEN ORDERING. THIS WILL CAUSE ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS WITH ORDER MANAGEMENT ON THE PAYPAL SITE.

Soon after you order the box, we will ship it.  We ship Monday through Friday. Once the box arrives at the destination, the recipient is responsible for this perishable product.  Please be sure someone will be available to receive the box.  We are unable to provide gift enclosures, so please contact your recipient to let them know that a box of perishable fruit will be arriving and that the box is a gift from you. If you do not contact them, they will not know who the Satsumas are from, and will not know to expect them. This can lead to frozen or spoiled fruit.

Below are the links for the USPS flat rate boxes. The medium box contain 71/2 -8 1/2 pounds of fruit (depending upon size) and the price is 25 dollars, plus 13 dollars USPS shipping. The large box contains 11 1/2-12 1/2 pounds of fruit (depending upon size) and the cost is 35 dollars plus 18 dollars USPS shipping charges.

The boxes usually will arrive at your destination 2-7 business days after ordering. Please be ready to receive the box when it is delivered. Once the box is dropped off by USPS, you are responsible for it’s safety. We can not be responsible for loss of boxes due to theft or exposure to extreme cold, heat or prolonged storage. Remember, mandarins left in freezing weather will be destroyed within a few hours!  You may want to deliver the mandarins to your place of business if you will be at work during the anticipated delivery time. You also may want to check the future weather predictions for the zip code you will be mailing to and order at the most ideal times when possible.


The links for ordering boxes below will take you to a secure paypal check out site. However you do not need to have a paypal account to purchase our product. Just bypass the paypal log in and click to check out with credit card.

If the links don’t work, we may be temporarily out of harvested fruit. Don’t worry, we will have more soon! Try again in a few days or send us an email to get a harvest update.



Large box order link 


Medium Box Order Link

Thanks again for your support of our farm and please be sure to visit our website at to receive farm updates.