We have started to harvest our Satsuma Mandarins now, but due to Covid precautions our farm is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC FOR CASH SALES. However we are selling our mandarins through a pre-paid online order link, and you can then pick up your mandarins during our farm curbside pick up hours on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 or other times by prior arrangement.

We pick our mandarins on mother nature’s schedule, so although we should have a great supply for the full season, the fruit is not all ripe at one time. Our online order links will have our current inventory of mandarins loaded in real time, as we pick and pack, and once you order and pay for your mandarins, we pull that box or bag from our inventory and put your name on it. To guarantee the best quality, we recommend that you come to pick it up within a few days of ordering it

We have now implemented Covid-19 food safety guidelines to protect our customers and our staff. Your mandarins will be picked and packed using social distancing, masking and hand sanitation protocols at all times to assure you a safe product. We are sorry that this year, to limit social contact for ourselves and our staff, we are not open for farm tours. We also require all visitors to wear masks at all times on our property. If you do not wish to follow these guidelines, please do not order mandarins from us.

If you would like to receive an email from us with links to order mandarins for farm curbside pick up, please send us a message using the form below. Thank you.

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