Why aren’t we selling our Satsuma Mandarins yet?

adrian-picking watermarked

Adrian tests fruit every few days to determine when it is time to start our harvest

This past week we have noticed local Satsuma mandarin growers selling their fruit from farm stands and stores in our area. We are in the fortunate position of having a small orchard, with only enough supply to meet demand. Because we are so small, we harvest all of the fruit ourselves, testing each tree with a brix refractometer to make sure the sugar is high, then tasting the fruit to make sure we like it. Once enough fruit in the orchard meets these standards we begin a small harvest, picking only the fruit that is the correct deep shade of orange. We will go back through the orchard many times during the season, choosing only the fruit that meets our sugar, flavor and color specifications. Usually there is some fruit on the trees every year that never makes the grade, and that fruit is not sold at all.

This time of year, every few days we head out to the orchard to pick a few mandarins and determine if there are enough ripe mandarins to begin our harvest. When the harvest is ready, we will post on this page and email our customers who have been patiently waiting since the end of last season. We are sorry that right now we do not have mandarins to sell. We expect them to be ready sometime between Thanksgiving and beginning of December, but the decision really is out of our hands. We leave that one to mother nature.

Thank you for your patience. We love our customers.

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