A weekend break from the smoke; Sunshine and Satsumas.

trees loaded wm


We woke up this morning to a blue sky, feeling fortunate for all that we have. The amount of loss and pain suffered by so many in California in the past few years is unfathomable. Last year our close family members, The Leisen’s, lost their homes and farm in the Santa Rosa fires. They are still trying to claw their way back toward some sense of normalcy. Now the fires of this year have impacted the family of friends and neighbors. Almost everyone in Northern and Southern California is reminded of the suffering of so many as we try to breathe the air filled with smoke that is the remains of their lives, their homes, their world.

For some strange reason, our little heaven here in Newcastle has remained miraculously untouched, and many days when the air around us has been thick with smoke we have looked up to see a blue sky. Today again, we are outside in the sun, harvesting our beautiful fruit and remembering all that we have to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

We hope our customers can come up to our little farm this weekend to enjoy a bit of our country air and the fruit of our labor.

We will be open weekends for sales of Satsumas and other fruit from our farm from 12 noon to 4 pm.



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