Pick up Satsuma Mandarins, Key Limes, Bearss Limes, Eureka and Meyer Lemons at the farm for healthy eating in the New Year

Contact us or email arrange a time to pick up of your farm fresh fruit.

This link has our contact information:


adrian-picking watermarked

We have Satsuma mandarins. We also have Meyer Lemons, Key Limes, Bearss Limes and Eureka Lemons available

key lime with signature_edited-1

The prices for all, mix and match, is as follows:

3 pounds for 5 dollars

6 pounds for 10 dollars

10 pounds for 16 dollars

For smaller amounts the price is 2 dollars per pound.

We also have “seconds” of Satsuma Mandarins, which are great for making fresh squeezed juice, and are bargain priced at 6 pounds for 4 dollars. How about a fresh squeezed mandarin mimosa for your New Years celebrations?


Ask us for our easy frozen Key lime pie recipe .  We can also share with you how to make candied mandarin rind, and other delights made with our fresh produce.

We wish you and your loved ones a Happy New Year.

The Burgesons



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