The colors of October

I love October! Okay, I admit it is my birthday month, which at this age is not such a great thing. But the weather…oh, October weather! The clear warm days, the cool crisp nights. The colors and flavors of fall.  Fall to me means the orange of pumpkins and winter squash, Fuyu persimmons and mandarins starting to color up.

The Fuyu persimmons are delicious just eaten like an apple. Unlike the Hachiya persimmons, which have a pointed end and must be dead ripe soft to eat, the Fuyu, with a rounded end, are delicious whether they are crispy or soft.  I peel them myself, as the peel is a bit tough, then slice them for a delicious treat.  They also can be used in all types of recipes. Try replacing them in recipes calling for mangoes; they make a fabulous salsa for example.

Here is the link to my California Mediterranean Diet website recipe for persimmon salsa:

Then there is the pomegranate harvest. Adrian has planted several different varieties of pomegranates and this year they are starting to produce. The Parfianka is a variety that has large seeds (arils) that are easy to separate from the pulp. They also have a very soft small seed, so they are not as chewy as other pomegranate seeds. The Wonderful is the type that we have been growing for years, and they have such deep red flesh, full of those wonderful phytochemicals that protect against heart disease and cancer. He makes delicious juice from these. It is a time consuming process but it is unlike any other pomegranate juice I have ever tried.

Here is a link to my post on how to make pomegranate juice:

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